Naomi's Quest To Become Published

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Naomi's Quest To Become Published

What does Christmas mean to you?

The best Christmas I can remember is when I was about 7 or 8. Mum and Dad told us kids ( me and my 2 older brothers) that they couldn't afford Christmas that year and after awhile (like three months) we would be allowed to choose one present.

Every television show, every day at school, every person we saw wished us a Merry Christmas. The thought of not getting a present felt strange. We wouldn't be having Christmas. No special food. No racing under the Christmas tree at the crack of dawn. At first, it was a heavy fist inside my stomach. Would Christmas Day dawn to be disappointing? What was there to look forward to?

Refused to be beaten, the Christmas Spirit humming in my veins, I told myself so what if Mum and Dad didn't have any money? Christmas wasn't about money. I hunted through my cupboards for something that I didn't want anymore and could be used as a present. Now, I have all girl things. With two brothers what could I give them?

I don't remember what I gave them now, but I remember Christmas morning clearly. I received an old bottle of aftershave that stunk and an old book. Each present was wrapped in an old bit of paper from our school books.

The best gift was that my BROTHERS aka the boys that bashed me up whenever they could, actually showed me love and for that one moment in time, had thought about me and wanted my happiness.

To us kids, Christmas had to come. We would make it. The love was in the air that day.

Now, my daughter of six, watches the movie, The Grinch. At the end of the film, once the Grinch steals all the presents, he ponders his actions when the Whos keep celebrating Christmas.

"Maybe...Just maybe...Christmas doesn't come from a store."

"Maybe...Just maybe...It is something more."

This realisation is what that day so many years ago was all about. Christmas is SO MUCH more.

I have had Christmases where you couldn't walk into the loungeroom from all the presents, yet that one day when we had nothing and had to look into our hearts and still give is the best.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Ipod Woes

My 2 month old pink ipod mini won't work. It's frozen with a sad icon on the lcd screen. I have to take it into the city for repairs. Where it will probably be replaced by a used ipod. The don't replace with new.

I'm trying to write but family stress is everywhere. There's so much of it. My eldest daughter drives me up the wall sometimes. She treats the loungeroom like a grandprix circuit and I tell her to go outside all the time. Tell. tell. tell. Stop, stop, stop. I just get sick of saying it so I give her one warning now and then punish her.

I haven't been sleeping well, because christmas is coming soon and I have lots of things to do. Not to mention, fit into a nice dress come dh's christmas party. Still going to the gym five days a week, but leaving a little earlier than my usual two hours because I'm tired. I'll be getting an early one tonight. Trying to build lean (emphasis on lean) muscle and walk my butt off on the treadmill. It's working because my rear end ACHES!!

Hope all the American Divas at had a marvellous Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Naomi's Quest To Become Published

Hi guys.

Just to update...I haven't been writing much. I just don't seem to have the time. When do other mothers write?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Boring Blog

I have no idea how to post links to other blogs on my blog. I think it's kinda boring. What do you guys think?? I want funny little knick-knacks and yummy things.

My daughter is having her 6th birthday party at bowling. She is incredibly excited. I'll have to post some pics for y'all. It's her first time and it's great because she has a wild time and I don't have to clean up any mess!

Caught her colouring in the streets on the referdex. I swear. Grrrrrrr.


I had a breakthrough this afternoon. For a couple of weeks I could not pin down my hero. I asked myself out loud all the important questions that I needed to know answers to. Wanting to write a romance novel has driven so crazy that I'm talking to myself.

It was good. The questions floated in the air, instead of in my mind. Why does he do this? What is his past? And, then it came. Slicing into the grey fog. An epiphany.

*mona lisa smile*

Saturday, October 08, 2005

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Computer Upgrades

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The Doona Diet

Losing weight while you sleep. Do you think it's possible?

The Doona Diet promoted on tv stated you must get 7 - 9 hrs sleep a night, to lose weight.

Mmmm....well, I do know that if I don't go to bed early, I am too tired to go to gym. Sleep refreshes me and helps to relax. Gym controls my weight and allergies. It could also be that new vacuum cleaner I bought with the HEPA filter.

I've always been a big sleeper. I've never been obese.

A link? Who knowzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz